What the SU does for me:
Every registered student is a member of the Students’ Union and a member of our national Students’ Union - USI (Union of Students’ Union in Ireland) for more info on USI please see


Some of what the SU does includes:


Your SU represents you on numerous councils and committees on many levels. We strive to make sure you get the best deal possible when it comes to your education and your welfare. We are also active members of USI, where we work on national campaigns relating to social, economic and academic issues.


Your SU offers a wide range of services in relation to your education and welfare needs. Such as advice on fees, SUSI, Exam Prep & Success, Mental, Physical & Sexual Health and Accommodation to name but a few!

Feel Good
Welfare Week, Sexual Health & Guidance Week, Raise & Give Week right up to Exam Destress and
There are many events and campaigns that the SU run during the year from Fresher’s Week, Your

A lot of the events take place in the SU with mini roadshows going to the East Campus and the Engineering Building too. We really encourage you to come along to these events and get involved in campaigns. Afterall you get out of college, what you put into it! The SU also offers binding services at a cost of €2.50 and sells a selection of AIT branded hoodies


The SU team have all been through college and have no doubt been through some of the situations that you will find yourself in. If you find you need someone to talk to or a non-judgmental listening ear, feel free to contact Aine, Mary or John!

AIT Students' Union Office,

The Count John Mc Cormack MPH

090 64 68067