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Áine Daly

Student Union President

Áine is the chief officer and principle spokesperson for the Students Union. Áine is responsible for administering the Union on a day to day basis and for negotiating on its behalf with external organisations. The President represents the students on all of the major decision making bodies within AIT including the Governing Body and the Academic Council.

Niall Naughton

Student Union Deputy / Vice- President for Welfare and Equality

Niall is responsible for welfare services on all campuses. Niall provides advice, support and referral services on issues such as mental, sexual and physical health, accommodation, financial and general safety while at college. Equality is another aspect, which is further aimed to be developed and promoted by Niall throughout AIT.


Kevin Pakenham 

Student Union Vice- President for Education and Communications

Kevin is responsible for all educational matters on the campus such as grant queries, exam issues fees. Kevin also deal directly with class representatives and coordinate the meetings. They are also responsible for the communication which comes out of the union.

Some of what the SU does includes:



Your SU represents you on numerous councils and committees on many levels. We strive to make sure you get the best deal possible when it comes to your education and your welfare. We are also active members of USI, where we work on national campaigns relating to social, economic and academic issues.


The Students' Union offers a wide range of services regarding your educational and welfare needs.

Our education officer 'Kevin' will provide you with all the educational advice, support and assistance you require throughout the academic year. Whether it is involving advice or support regarding SUSI, fees, grants, exam prep or anything education related Kevin is your man to contact at

Welfare is a key service of the SU which we thrive to ensure your welfare needs are our key priority always! Our welfare officer 'Niall' offers support, assistance, advice and referrals regarding your mental health, sexual health, physical health and safety. Niall also offers advice and support with student accommodation and will guide you in the right direction with any accommodation issue you have!

Your President 'Aine' oversees the day to day running of the union and has three years experience as a sabbatical officer, she can assist you no matter what the issue. 

The Union also provides sexual health services by providing any student condoms, lubricant, sanitary products and referral services. We also offer information regarding finance, transport, academic information, COVID-19 guides and much more!

If you ever need anything, please come see us or contact us! We are here to help you always.

The SU team have all been students, have been through college and have no doubt been through some of the situations that you will find yourself in. If you find you need someone to talk to or a non-judgmental listening ear, feel free to contact Áine, Niall or Kevin! We don't bite !

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