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What is a Class rep? 

A class rep is a student who is selected/voted in by fellow classmates to represent their class. The class rep is the important link between the Students Union and shares any interests or concerns their class might have to the Students Union and to the Head of Department of their college course.

What does a class rep do?

  • Class reps represent their class and speak on behalf of their classmates on academic issues that may be affecting their education such as online resources, course material or other issues that may arise during the year.

  • They inform the Students Union of any issues within the class or an issue that their class have sported that may need to be brought to our attention.

  • Makes their fellow classmates aware that they can confide in them with any issues they have.

  • Provides feedback, ideas and suggestions on what students want and what should be done in the college.

  • Gets involved in campaigns that are ran throughout the academic year.


  • Class reps attend class rep meetings every 4-6 weeks.


What is class rep council?

Class rep council is also known as class rep meeting (CRM). These meeting usually take place every 4-6 weeks and are organised by the Student’s Union. All class reps, the SU team and sometimes guest speakers such as the registrar or student finance officer attend these meetings.

CRM’s give the class reps the opportunity to voice their opinions, ideas, and issues that they or their fellow classmates may have. They can bring to our attention any problems in relation to academic issues, welfare concerns or even what they should do for their next class outing. In the CRM’s we give the class reps all information from the Student’s Union team about upcoming events, campaigns and any important changes that are being made within the college.

We also assist the class reps by carrying out any actions that want to be conducted throughout the year that they may have. Having a class rep system is extremely helpful and is the backbone of the Students’ Union. It is very important for class reps to be actively engaged as it pays off in the long run!

After all it’s your union, your voice!!

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