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Please be advised as of July 2019 Athlone comes under the Rent Pressure Zone. This means rental accommodation can not increase in price by more than 4% per annum. 


Rights of the Student as Tenant


  • All tenants have a statutory right to quiet and peaceful possession as long as they pay the rent. Nobody (including the landlord/lady) has the right to enter a flat without permission.


  • You are entitled to a rent book. It's better in the long run to have one.


  • You are entitled to the means to contact the landlord or agent at all reasonable times.


  • All houses rented must be registered with the RTB.


  • In the first 6 months, a tenant must be given a minimum 28-day notice period for the termination
    of a tenancy. This is also the case when you have not signed a lease/contract.


  • Only 7 days noticed is required in the first 6 months if the tenant’s behaviour is seriously anti-
    social or threatens the fabric of the property.


  • Reimbursement for reasonable expenditure on any repairs carried out by them for which the landlord was responsible.


  • Refer a dispute to the RTB relating to the tenancy and not be penalised by the landlord for doing so.


  • Non-payment of rent could result in a reduction of your rights.


  • Non-payments of bills, insufficient notice of your intention to quit the tenancy and damage over and above normal wear and tear are the only circumstances under which you can lose your deposit (excluding "special circumstances")


Responsibilities of the Student as a Tenant


  • The full amount of rent due must be paid regularly and on time.


  • Keep the house in reasonable condition, make use of the bin.


  • Keep the noise to an acceptable level.


  • Avoid damaging property as you are personally responsible for any damage caused to the property apart from normal wear and tear.


  • Pay and discharge all charges in respect of telephone, ESB, gas unless otherwise agreed with the land person.


  • Before leaving a dwelling you must give the land person 4 weeks written notice of quitting in order to gain your deposit back.


  • As a tenant, you are entitled to a rent book. The rent book should contain the address of the house and the land persons address, amount of rent and any other charges which may occur, amount of the deposit and its purpose etc.


  • The land person cannot take any of your belongings in lieu of rent.


  • You also have the responsibility to those you live with, paying your bills promptly and respecting that it is their house as well.


  • While the landlord can’t enter the property without the tenants permission, they must be allowed
    a routine inspection once a date and time has been agreed.


Responsibilities of the Landperson


  • A land person by law must register with the RTB if she/he intends to provide private rented accommodation to students.


  • The land person must supply a rent book. The tenant holds and looks after the book and it is signed each time a payment is made.


  • The land person has the right to give the tenant 4 weeks written notice to quit.


  • The land person must gain permission before entering a house.

Your rights as a tenant are secured under the Residential Tenancies Act. If you’re in
doubt, contact the Students' Union Welfare officer for advice. Or call
Threshold, the national housing charity, for legal advice at 1800 454 454.

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