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  • Make a study timetable. Structure your study and give equal time to each subject. Even the ones you don’t like.


  • Have a clutter free study environment. Try to study at a desk and keep it free from clutter. Avoid studying on your bed as you'll just be tempted to get under the covers!


  • Easily distracted? Try downloading an app like on your internet browser that can block websites like Facebook or twitter for a certain length of time.


  • Mix it up! Use different study techniques and don't be afraid to try new things.


  • Use past exam papers. Going over past exam papers will help you prepare for the exam and get a feel for what the paper will be like.


  • Don't leave it all till the last minute. Studying is like a marathon, you have to be in it for the long haul! Leaving everything to the last minute will leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus. Plus you won't have enough time to revise everything!


  • Reward yourself! Study can be soul destroying. Treat yourself after a productive study session.


  • Get enough sleep! Avoid staying up all night cramming before an exam as you'll need all your energy the next day and a lack of sleep will affect your concentration.


  • Talk to someone if you feel that your exam stress is getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable. Speak to a friend, teacher or lecturer - don't keep things bottled up.


  • Remember that it will all be worth it When your motivation has hit an all time low, visualise yourself picking up your exam results and doing well.


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