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Meet Niall: Your Student Union Deputy/Vice-President for Welfare & Equality



I’m Niall, your Deputy / Vice-President for Welfare and Equality 2020/2021 here at the Students’ Union in Athlone Institute of Technology. I am a graduate of AIT, with a BA (Ord) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care and a BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care Practice. 

My role here within AIT Students’ Union involves two very key elements in relation to students, Welfare and Equality, whilst also handling the accommodation element also! 

College can be a very challenging time for you as a student and your welfare needs to be supported and cared for during your time here at AIT, this is my job as your welfare officer. Your welfare is my priority and I am here to be your support system and help you in any way to resolve any non-academic related issues you may face. Whether it’s your mental health, sexual health, your well-being and safety, or perhaps accommodation issues, exam stress, financial issues or whatever issue you may encounter, I will be here for you every step of the way! Please do not hesitate to approach me at any time or get in contact with me no matter what the situation.

Equality is a significant part of my role also. AIT is a fantastic college when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion. For you as a student, it is important to be educated in a college filled with diversity and inclusion and be able to learn in an inclusive and diverse environment. As Welfare and Equality officer, I will promote and develop further aspects of equality within our college and advocate for students upon equality issues you may encounter.

So, no matter what the issue may be, big or small, please do get in contact with me whether it may be by email, phone, text or approach me around campus, I will be there for you always! 

Looking forward to meeting you all for the new academic year 2020/2021.

All the best,

Niall Naughton

Office: 090-6468067

Location: Students' Union

Mobile: 086-8590998


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