College can be the best years of your life, you’re furthering your education, developing your skills,
and having fun with new and interesting people. But for some, this experience can be quite daunting. Some people find it more difficult to make friends and can find themselves feeling lonely and excluded.


We’re all in the same boat here, and it’s important to make sure everyone feels included! Mind Your Mates was developed as a solution, and the idea behind it is divided into three parts, with the main theme being that people look out for each other:


  • Involve people you may not really know, the person who always sits alone in class or lunch and seems
    excluded. Ask them to join your, or sit beside them, ask them for a tea/coffee. It may be a
     small act from you but can have a hugely beneficial impact on them.


  • Look out for your friends, if they seem down or under seem pressure. Especially in sports teams and around exam time. On a night out make sure everyone gets home safely. Remember, it’s okay to ask “are you ok?”.


  • Wristbands display that you’re open to having a conversation, it doesn’t matter what it’s about, you
    might just want to have a bit of banter or offer some friendly support. We want to make AIT as friendly and engaging as possible.

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